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Student Affairs - Humanity Application Links

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Please Select Your Department Below to Access its Humanity (Shiftplanning) Portal

NOTE: To access more than one portal concurrently you will need to use separate browser sessions...

HRL - Housing Ambassador

HRL - Res Life Staff

Student Activity Center & Venue Management (SACVM)

Student Union

Student Affairs IT

University Recreation


To Setup the Humanity Mobile Application on your Phone or Tablet:

  1. Download the Humanity mobile application from your respective App Store on your device
  2. Open the application and select the 'Login Using SSO' option on the screen
  3. When prompted to enter your 'Shiftplanning Domain' please enter a value based upon the list below
DepartmentShiftplanning Domain
HRL - Housing Ambassadorunccharlotte44
HRL - Res Life Staffunccharlotte4
Student Activity Center &
Venue Management (SACVM)
Student Unionunccsacvm4
Student Affairs
Information Technology
University Recreationunccsacvm3


Note: The mobile application only supports access to a 'single' Humanity portal at a time. If you need to access more than one Humanity portal then you can access the mobile version web application with the links above in your mobile browser.

For Humanity application support please contact your supervisor or visit Humanity's Helpdesk site.